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Our customers also have other shipping needs that we fulfill such as Expedited LTL, Air Freight, International Shipping, Riggers, and Warehousing. Click here and find out more about each of these services we offer.


Click to view documentation for Liability and Cargo Insurance, Scac Code, Authority, W9, Bill of Lading, Motor Carrier Permit and Claim Form. You can feel confident with Team Driver Transport.

Coverage Area

Team Driver Transport provides emergency and rapid freight transportation services. We get your shipment where it needs to go quickly and move shipments nationwide and worldwide.

Expedited Freight Services – Team Driver Transport

With 20 years experience, Edward Saldivar operates and directs Team Driver Transport’s expedited freight services. He has done it all, from being a courier driver to driving heavy equipment to clerical office work to sales in the field to fully engaging in setting up trucking companies for former employers from the ground up. Edward has seasoned experience and is a pleasure to work with. He has transported goods and vehicles to every city in the country. Team Driver Transport is fully insured and licensed by the United States Department of Transportation, offers competitive rates, competent customer service and a superb record of satisfaction with our customers. When you’re on deadline and have to deliver, expedited freight is the way to go. Team Driver Transport will make your delivery on time.

If you’re shipping within the continental United States or the world, Team Driver Transport makes sure your freight gets delivered quickly.

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