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Driver Diligence: Why Use Team Truck Driving

Team truck driving involves stationing two or more drivers in each truck, who switch off with each other every few hours. As our name implies, Team Driver Transport relies on team truck driving for our orders. Despite having to pay two employees, we find that team driving more than makes up for its cost through:

Speedy Service

Team truck driving is significantly faster than relying on a single driver. Because one driver can sleep while the other one is at the wheel, there is no need to stop during the night, allowing the truck to remain on the road until the delivery is complete. Truck driving teams can also make pit stops more efficiently. When stopping at a gas station, one can fill the vehicle up while the other goes inside to buy food. All of this allows us to shave eight hours a day or more off of delivery times, helping you to receive your goods almost as soon as we ship them.

Sleep and Safety

Because sleeping does not slow down the delivery, truck drivers who operate in teams are free to get as much sleep as they need. This reduces the stress of their job and helps them remain clear-headed, lowering the chances that they will get in accidents. Not only does this keep our drivers safe, but it also reduces delays, ensuring that your shipment will arrive on time.

Reliable Repairs

Truck driving teams further reduce delays by providing multiple people to perform repairs if a truck breaks down. One person can examine the truck and find the source of the damage while the other calls for help. This speeds up repair times, allowing the truck to quickly get back on the road and finish the delivery.

Nuanced Navigation

When a driver isn’t sleeping or at the wheel, he or she can look up traffic reports and plan a route around congested areas. This reduces time spent in traffic.

Team truck driving ensures quick, safe deliveries. To request this service for your wares, contact Team Driver Transport today.

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