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Team Truck Drivers

No Delay: The Benefits Of Team Truck Drivers

Delays aren’t just a nuisance; they’re expensive! Every hour you have to wait for supplies, cargo or a shipment is an hour you can’t spend doing business. By relying on team truck drivers, Team Driver Transport keeps delays to a minimum because we have the ability to drive non-stop.

Unlike other trucking companies, all of our trucks have two drivers, so we can legally drive around the clock. That ensures your shipment will arrive in the least amount of time possible.

That’s not the only reason we’re able to move fast, though. Employing team truck drivers also allows us the ability to speed up your shipment in other ways.

Traffic Avoidance

A quick delivery requires careful planning to avoid traffic, and delays may still occur if traffic patterns change suddenly. The only way to fully avoid delays is to have someone monitoring traffic while someone else is driving. That’s why having team truck drivers is such a benefit. One driver can identify congested areas long before the truck gets to them. He or she can then find a route to avoid those areas without going too far out of the way.

Comprehensive Care

Team truck drivers aren able to take better care of their vehicles than single drivers, reducing the risk that the truck will break down en route. When they stop at a gas station, one driver can fill the tank up while the other looks under the hood, inspects the engine, checks the oil, and otherwise makes sure the truck is working properly. This allows them to catch and fix damage early on before it becomes serious enough to harm the vehicle. It also improves fuel efficiency and lowers repair costs, leading to less expensive service.

Breakdown Benefits

Not only do team truck drivers reduce the risk that our trucks will break down, but if they do break down, the drivers can more easily make repairs. Two drivers have more expertise and provide more manpower. They can oftentimes repair the truck on their own. If the damage is beyond their skill to fix, one driver can go for help while the other one stays with the truck. This means that even when delays do happen, they do not last as long.

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