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Team Drivers Are Better Drivers

Team drivers are able to transport your shipment in a much shorter time frame than regular trucking companies. Having a team of drivers in one truck allows them to drive non-stop. Did you know team drivers are also safer drivers and thus, keep your important cargo safer?

It’s true.

In trucking, safety is important to customers and clients alike. Safer driving keeps trucks from getting into accidents, protecting your wares from damage. Team Driver Transport relies on team drivers, who improve safety by:

Alternating Sleep Schedules

Although trucking companies try to help their drivers get enough sleep, the pressures of long-distance deliveries make it difficult. Every minute a lone driver spends asleep is a minute that he or she can’t spend on the road. Because many companies pay their drivers more for quicker deliveries, many drivers skimp on sleep. This is bad for their health and makes them more likely to get in accidents. Team drivers, however, take turns driving and sleeping. As long as they divide their work evenly, both will get enough sleep without slowing down your delivery.

Reigning in Risk

Team drivers are less likely to make risky decisions than lone drivers. A single driver often pushes the limits in the name of speed and efficiency. Team drivers don’t have to take those risks. They know they’ll be able to stay on the road 24 hours a day.

Joint Judgments

Despite modern technology, safe truck driving remains a matter of guesswork in many ways. Drivers must decide, on the basis of their intuition and experience, whether they can safely drive through certain storm conditions or on certain roads. Having two drivers makes them less likely to make the wrong decision. The drivers can combine their expertise and figure out with greater certainty whether it is safe to keep driving.

Don’t put your shipments at risk. Contact Team Driver Transport for safer, faster deliveries.

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